Hire High Striker, sometimes known as test of strength machine and boast the perfect addition to your event. Watch as men and women alike march up to the machine with full confidence the bell will ring, then watch as they realise the hi striker needs much more skill than brute strength! Hi striker hire has always been popular at funfairs and fetes and the popularity has never died down with the fairground hi striker always proving to have a queue of guests waiting to outdo their friends!

Hire hi striker with The Entertainment Group for an unrivalled service from enquiry to profitable completion of high striker hire. Our test your strength machine not only thrives in funfair environment, it can also work as a great feature to boost donations at a fundraising event. Watch as participants come back again and again to beat previous scores and top up the donation box! Hire high striker works by paying a competitive set rate, you then receive the full service including delivery, set up a member of staff and breakdown. When the day of the event arrives you are then free to keep any money or donations collected.

Test your strength machines and ring the bell game have been available for many years, a great way to add a modern twist is to hire our electronic hi striker. This visually appealing game shoots a bright light up as strength indicator and funfair themed sounds and tunes ring out as the player waits for their score to be displayed. Another great feature of the hire electronic hi striker is that the highest score of the event is always displayed at the top of the machine, so customers can aim to beat this score to win prizes. Our electronic high striker is available for all kinds of events, providing they are outdoors or indoor venues with high ceilings. Why not take a look at some of our other equipment that could work perfectly alongside this game. Some popular options to be hired with the hi striker are fairground side stalls, fairground rides, candyfloss or popcorn machines, the list goes on! If hiring more than one item from The Entertainment Group you may also be entitled to one of our tailored package deals. So whether you want to hire ring the bell, our classic hi striker game, or hire electronic high striker for a flashy touch, call The Entertainment Group today.